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Dear Visitor:


On behalf of our Minority Conference - and the more than six million New Yorkers we proudly represent statewide - it is my privilege to share our official communications page on the New York State Assembly's website. Here you will find our press releases, legislative reports and other news you can use concerning your State government.

Our Conference has continually advanced smart solutions that have reduced property taxes, lowered energy costs, supported private sector job creation, made neighborhoods safer and reformed state government. Many of New York's laws were the result of legislation and ideas that originated from our Conference including:

  • Property tax cap to protect homeowners
  • School Tax Relief (STAR) program
  • STAR Rebate program
  • Business and Personal Income Tax reductions
  • Corporate Franchise Tax cut
  • Welfare reform with real work requirements
  • Workers' compensation reform
  • Power for Jobs program
  • Article X Power Plant Siting Law
  • State Agency consolidations to save taxpayer dollars
  • Ethics reform to clean up Albany
  • Megan's Law - sex offender registration requirement
  • Jenna's Law - elimination of parole for violent felony offenders
  • Civil confinement of sexual predators

These are just a few of the countless public policies that our Conference championed and helped become law. Equally important, our Members have stood up, spoken out and voted against bad budgets and Albany's culture of fiscal irresponsibility. Our focus has been putting taxpayers first: we believe State government should be on your side and that it's time Albany stopped hurting, and started helping, families and job creators.

We invite you to share your thoughts for a safer, stronger, more affordable New York. Locate your legislator. We look forward to hearing from you, and working with you, to build a better New York State!