Speaker Heastie Continues Annual Statewide Tour in Rotterdam, Announcing $2.5 million for the Capital Region Aquatic Center

Speaker Carl Heastie continued his annual statewide tour today, joining Assemblymember Angelo Santabarbara in Rotterdam to see the future site of the Capital Region Aquatic Center, announcing that $2.5 million in capital funding will be going to the aquatic center to support its construction and $105,000 will be invested in programming to ensure children in the community have the opportunity to learn to swim.

“The Capital Region is a place full of growth,” said Speaker Heastie. “I’m honored Assemblymember Santabarbara invited me to tour the site of the new aquatic center, where a new generation will have access to swimming lessons, water therapy and programs to support communities in need.”

“Rotterdam is an incredibly exciting place to be at the moment, we stand one step closer to making the Capital Region Aquatic Center a reality,” said Assemblymember Santabarbara. “This center will not only enhance the lives of our community members, through new aquatic programs and activities, it will also enhance our local economy by bringing new jobs, new tournaments and new visitors to our neighborhood. I’m proud to show Speaker Heastie the future of Rotterdam today, and thank all my colleagues in the Assembly Majority for their continued support of this project.”

Speaker Heastie and Assemblymember Santabarbara toured the planned site of the Capital Region Aquatic Center, a new swimming facility set to open at the Via Port Rotterdam Mall in Rotterdam. The new facility will host three pools, including an Olympic-sized 50-meter pool and a platform diving well.The Aquatic Center will be the community hub for water-related activities, providing aquatic therapy, swim lessons and programming for all ages and levels of ability.There will be specialized programming for veterans, adults, children with special needs and underserved populations. Today’s announcement of $2.5 million in capital funding is in addition to the $2.5 million already allocated by the Assembly Majority for the construction of the center.