A Message From Speaker Carl E. Heastie

Carl E. Heastie Photo

Welcome to the New York State Assembly website.

Since its creation in 1777, the state Assembly has helped shape history, often leading the way with progressive action and reform. On February 3, 2015 the New York State Assembly continued making history by electing New York's first African American Assembly Speaker. I am deeply proud of this honor.

The Assembly is known as the "People's House" in New York. Here, we work every day to help improve the lives of all New York's working families, celebrating our diversity and honoring our history. We are committed to establishing a true living wage, ensuring women's equality, securing every child's access to a solid education, and enacting necessary government reform.

Our website connects you to the state Assembly and all its members. I encourage you to stay up to date on the important work we do here. Using our website, you can watch Assembly proceedings, get news and information on legislation and contact your Assembly representative.

The Assembly has a proud history of giving a voice to all New Yorkers. Our website provides you with the opportunity to stay connected, which ensures your voice is heard.