Harnessing the Power of Diversity: Report of the 2023 SOMOS Inc. New York Legislative Conference

Wanted - A Seat At The Table

The Unveiling - The First In The Nation Measure Of How Well Immigrants Integrate Into Their New Communities

Loan HEAP: New Yorkers Owe Over $80 Billion In Student Debt - 2017-2018 Higher Education Debt Relief Proposals

The Latina Adolescent Suicide Crisis In NYS

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Wanted: A Seat at the Table

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Paupertas: Rise in Child and Elderly Poverty Rates: A Discussion on Impact and Solutions

Report Documents Continued Growing Elderly Poverty Rates, Lawmaker Seeks to Reduce Rising Utility Rates

Bronx, NY – Today, Assemblyman Marcos Crespo, Chair of the Assembly Puerto Rican/Hispanic Task Force, was joined by Latino lawmakers and elderly advocacy groups to release startling data on the pervasive issue of elderly poverty in our state. With data...

Paupertas: The Elderly Agonize

Paupertas: Suffer the Little Children!

Corporate, Government and Non-Profit Sector Internship Directory & Scholarship Guide - March 2015


 Puerto Rican/Hispanic Task Force Chair  Karines  Reyes Karines Reyes


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