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The New York State Assembly Intern Committee sponsors the Session Internship at the State Capital starting every January. The SESSION INTERNSHIP offers college students a chance to participate in state government and the legislative process through a well-structured practical learning experience. Assembly Session Internships give students an advantage in today's job market, providing real government experience within a comprehensive academic program.

The Assembly Intern Committee awards an $8,800 stipend to each Session Intern in the January 8, 2024 to May 8, 2024 Internship. Most colleges grant Session Interns a full semester of credit, as recommended by the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS). To view a copy of the National CCRS revalidation site report, please visit us online at: https://nyassembly.gov/internship/.

The Assembly offers up to 150 college students an opportunity to get involved in state government and gain firsthand knowledge of the legislative process. The Assembly Intern Committee carefully balances the academic curriculum with the experiential and the theoretical aspects of the Internship. In addition to daily legislative work, Interns are also assigned research and administrative responsibilities in an Assembly office.

As part of the Session Internship academic requirements, Interns complete: a mandatory Orientation; a work/learning contract and regular evaluations; an academic course taught by the Professors-in-Residence with required readings; discussion groups and a major research paper; Issue Policy Forums at varying times as guests’ schedules allow.

The Session Internship is a comprehensive program requiring specific academic hours. Students are strongly advised not to enroll in additional courses. Interns with specific additional academic requirements should receive written or explicit approval from the Assembly Intern Office prior to the start of the 2024 Session Internship year.

Session Interns are granted a Spring Break from the Assembly the week of April 8-12, 2024.